A drawing of me

Hey, I'm ash!

I make stuff™.


I'm ash, an 18 year old who makes stuff™! But before I tell you what stuff™ is, here's a little about me!

I love playing the piano and I'm learning to play the guitar, but nothing will ever top my kazoo playing skills. I love tinkering with stuff, which is why I am an Arch Linux user. Yes, you heard me: I use Arch, btw.

I am very funny, especially when sleep deprived, as can be seen from the Pretendo Network April Fools' joke of 2022. What was that? You don't find it funny? Well, too bad. This is my about me, I can write anything I want.

A picture showing me, sitting on some tall rocks, wearing a beige montgomery and a pair of jeans

Contact me

Feel free to reach out to me for anything, unless I owe you money.